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CytoSport Protein Drinks – Here Is Why This Is Great Post Workout Nutrition

CystoSport Muscle Milk protein supplement is a protein powder supplement that uses whey and casein proteins to give you the boost you need.  CystoSport Muscle Milk, while similar to other protein powders, goes beyond most others on the market.

Muscle Milk works even better when stacked with muscle builders and fat burners. Using Clenbuterall, Winsdrol or Tren along with protein is great for cutting. There are legal steroids for bulking like Diandrobol and Deccabolan which are perfect for adding size and mass.

CystoSport is a protein blend, meaning that it can be used throughout the day.  It can also be used before bedtime for added results.

While some protein powders are designed to help merely with workouts or post-workout times, CystoSport Muscle Milk can be used in the evenings with very good results. 

Because it contains alpha and beta micellar caseins, caseinates, whey concentrates, whey peptides, and whey isolates, CystoSport is highly absorbable.

Taking the supplement before bed actually helps with absorbability and bioavailability.  Protein is digested more rapidly at this time and therefore it is more available to your body. 

The casein and whey blend helps slow the rate of digestion and absorption however which is actually a good thing. 

The reason this is good is because the whey protein which is normally enters and leaves the body quickly is given more time to really do its work helping you build muscle.

Basically, the formula works like a time release supplement which gives your body more time to utilize the protein and important amino acids for growth.  This is obviously a benefit over formulas that lack these attributes.

The Muscle Milk Evopro formula is also designed to most closely replicate mother’s milk.  And while the fat content is slightly higher in this formula than in others, these fats are mostly of the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) kind and therefore are lower in calories. 

Moreover, MCTs are actually able to help increase caloric burn in comparison to other types of fats.

On the whole this formula is worth the money.  The flavours are also tasty and don’t taste as artificial as some of the other protein powders on the market. 

Overall, CystoSport is a good investment.  If you are looking for a great protein supplement that will help you bulk up than CystoSport is for you.

CytoSport Protein Drinks – Here Is Why This Is Great Post Workout Nutrition

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